Monday, December 28, 2015

rodarte dream coat

Okay so with like everyone in the world but me going to see Star Wars last week, Rodarte's Fall 2014 collection (featuring the Star Wars - printed finale gowns) is having a total resurgence in the fashion press.  So what better time to debut my absolute favorite piece of clothing ever... my Rodarte Fall 2014 glitter coat!

RODARTE glitter jacket, ZARA top, ZARA skirt, H&M glitter tights, RODARTE sandals


I remember getting tingles down my spine the first time I saw this coat walk down the runway.  It was just... perfect. Truth be told, though, I never thought I would get a chance to own it since I missed the Moda Operandi pre-sale.  

So imagine my surprise when I was chilling in my hotel in Paris this summer, playing around on my favorite shopping websites while I waited to get my late night Nutella crepe fix, and this motherfucker pops up on FWRD.  It was fate!

And while I talk a big game about my love of clothing, my biggest weakness are shoes.  In fact, my shoe fixation is probably what got me into fashion in the first place.  These strappy little Rodarte sandals are also from their Fall 2014 collection.  Rodarte makes such a mean shoe - they're so skilled at mixing delicate femininity (the bows! the glittery heels! the metallic fuchsia color!) with little bad-ass touches, like the studded stars.  Perfection.  I had these in a cart on Shop Super Street for like... months, but when they casually came up in a conversation I had while shopping in Dallas, I got super possessive and bought them on the ride home. 

These photos were shot at Prada Marfa.  Mark and I had originally planned to shoot these at dusk, but we didn't account for all of the other tourists that needed to get their Instagram on and had to wait around until well past sunset to shoot.  Completely different vibe than our last Prada Marfa set.

This shoot actually ended quite abruptly, too, when an 18-wheeler literally stopped in the middle of the road and the driver hopped out.  While it turns out he just wanted to send some snaps in front of Prada Marfa, I was completely freaked (I've seen far too many horror movies...) and learned that these heels are also great for sprinting!

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