Sunday, November 29, 2015

marfa girl

Another year, another birthday trip to Marfa!  My ventures out west are seeming to become an annual tradition.  This year, Mark and I decided to forego ~luxury~ and rough it at El Cosmico, Marfa's premiere glamping destination.  Hey, if Beyoncé could do it, we certainly could.

RODARTE Spring/Summer 2012 dress


We stayed in the Branstrator, a turquoise and silver trailer with an outdoor clawfoot tub.  As temperatures dropped below freezing at multiple points throughout our stay, our little (heated) trailer became the perfect place to warm up and relax between excursions.

And I'm wearing one hell of a dress!  As y'all can probably guess, it's Rodarte.  This gem's from their Spring 2012 "Van Gogh/Sleeping Beauty" collection and - if you can believe it - was only part of my birthday gift from Mark.  It's so incredibly over the top (purple pleated leather! iridescent sequins!) and attention grabbing and it makes me feel so much better about turning 27! 

This series of pics happened really naturally! I was actually in the process of getting ready (aka stalling for time to warm up in the trailer) when Mark started snapping these.  As it turns out, our little trailer became the perfect place to showcase my latest Rodarte piece!

And stay tuned for our next post - I actually go outside!

STYLING Mark + Mary

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