Sunday, October 25, 2015

call me 'sylvia'

Anyone that knows me knows that I love vintage shit.  In college I used to frequent Goodwills and hunt for the gaudiest sequin tops and oversized flannels.  Probably the highlight of my thrifting days was when I found this oversized floral muumuu and cut it into a little Balenciaga SS08-esque slip dress.  

When I read about Dolly Python, a treasure trove of odd antiques and one-of-a-kind vintage showpieces, I knew I'd love it.  I found this gem of a top - a mechanic's shirt that once belonged to a "Sylvia" - hidden in Dolly Python's amazing racks.  I knew it would be a fun piece to wear around Paris's Left Bank, home to all of the coolest artists, while we hit up Paris's best vintage shops.  They were amazing!!!  I got some iconic Chanel, the coolest Isabel Marant boots, and lots of other stuff I'll debut in some of our upcoming posts!

DOLLY PYTHON vintage mechanic's shirt, CHRISTOPHER KANE skirt,
CHANEL platform sandals


And while it may look like a trash bag, I am actually wearing a Christopher Kane FW14 nylon skirt.  Mark found it online and ordered it for me and like... forgot to tell me about it? So I was super confused (but also super excited) when I opened up a package on my doorstep and this crinoline garbage sack was in it.  It's awesome.

And my shoes are Chanel!  Trés French, hahaha!  These suede platform sandals were actually quite comfortable until Mark decided to drag me down the ENTIRETY of the Champs-Élysées in them.  But they also made me a cool 5'9" and very confident, LOL, so maybe it was worth it.

And I actually just realized that this was the last set of photos I am posting from Paris!  From paddling around the art exhibits at the Palais de Tokyo and scoring some new Jacquemus pieces at Le Bon Marche to eating crepes at midnight at an outdoor cafe and getting ticketed at the Eiffel Tower (thanks, Jacob...), it was really an amazing, eventful trip.  I already want to go back!

Speaking of... Mark and I are headed somewhere fun for my birthday (hint: it's Marfa), so I can't wait to share more pics from our upcoming travels!

STYLING Mark + Mary

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