Monday, September 14, 2015

l'empire de la mort

Mark's brother Jacob was insistent that we visit the Catacombs of Paris - the "Empire of the Dead" - during our trip. They're a sprawling ossuary beneath the streets, a huge network of tunnels lined with skulls and bones - a far cry from the "macarons and shopping" activity I had suggested for the day.

Full disclosure: my only real reference for the Catacombs before I visited was this dumb horror movie that Mark and I went to see where these tourists snuck down into the Catacombs and it turned into a literal visit to hell and yeah... thankfully that didn't happen to us.

H&M dress, MAISON MARGIELA x H&M clutch, SAINT LAURENT glitter boots


We traveled about 70 feet below the streets and through a tight series of tunnels before we actually made it the bone-lined rooms everyone envisions when they think of the Catacombs. The sign above the entrance even translates to "Stop! This is the Empire of the Dead."  Charming!  

And though I didn't choose this outfit with the specific intention of looking like a ghost, it just sort of happened.  The dress is a steal from H&M, the candy wrapper clutch is from their collection with Maison Margiela, and the shoes are my Saint Laurent glitter Babies (literally, that's what they're called).  They remain my most prized, perfect, ostentatious shoes, although I'm currently contemplating these velvet A Wang stomps.  A practical look!

Also, so as not to ~anger the spirits~ or whatever, no flash photography was allowed near the bones, which lent itself nicely to the overall creepy ass quality of these photos.

This weekend I'm going to attend Dallas Contemporary's newest opening!  The show seems pretty diverse, so I am interested to see how it's curated.  I've got a really fun look planned - can't wait to share it on here! 

STYLING Mark + Mary

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