Sunday, August 23, 2015

queen of versailles

I don't know about y'all, but when I think of Paris, I think of luxury... amazing food, amazing shopping, and amazing scenery. Maybe it's the fact that I watched Marie Antoinette recently, but ~*~opulence~*~ is just kind of where my mind goes. So it's obvious that when planning this trip, I'd choose Versailles as a place that we had to visit.  I just wanted to revel in its grandeur, run through the gardens, and experience this totally over-the-top dream world.

RODARTE dress and RODARTE heels in the Hall of Mirrors


Yeah, so I was brought right back to reality when booking this trip and actually doing a bit of research about the visit.  I read horror stories of the thousands of tourists in line, latecomers getting turned away, standing for hours in the sun, crowded halls with people everywhere... I wanted to just bag it.  Luckily, Mark was insistent that we not waste the opportunity, and we decided to brave the crowds and head to Versailles (which is on the outskirts of Paris) at like 6 AM.  

Once our train dropped us outside the Chateau, we literally raced hundreds of Chinese tourists who were arriving by the busload.  Running on cobblestone streets after like five straight days of walking was killer... but it worked.  We were actually quite early in the line and ended up with ample time alone in each room, so we got to really spend time appreciating the opulence of the Chateau.  As you can see in a lot of these pictures, we had the Hall of Mirrors entirely to ourselves.  It was such a perfect backdrop for my head to toe Rodarte look!

I've been sneaking this dress on little outings but had yet to send her out on a grand voyage, so here she is in all her glory!  It's Rodarte, and the print is a silk chiffon from the FW 2009 collection.  And Jesus Christ, THESE SHOES.  You know how you feel when you see a really cute cat or baby or something?  That's how I felt about these Rodarte SS 2015 heels.  I was so stoked when Mark surprised me with them that I teared up a bit.  The marbled heel is my favorite part!

The visit was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Paris!

STYLING Mark + Mary

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