Sunday, August 16, 2015

jacquemus at the plages

I just got back from Paris!  It's been a whirlwind summer of classes, rotations, and work, work, work, all leading up to a free week before shit started up again in August.  So OF COURSE a French getaway was necessary!

Mark and I had two main goals for France: spend as much $$$ possible and shoot a lot of the newest, most interesting pieces of my wardrobe.  Sorry, y'all, but a Paris backdrop just beats the hell out of wherever I could have photographed my clothes in DFW.

With that said, here's some JACQUEMUS!!!

JACQUEMUS dress and KEDS shoes at the Paris Plages


Jacquemus, a recent LVMH prize-winning designer, has actually been on my radar for a while.  Simon Porte Jacquemus's eponymous label produces clothes that are simplistically avant-garde, a little childlike and naïve and very much tied to his French upbringing.  I have a feeling he's going major places in fashion and wanted to get my hands on some of his most ostentatious, iconic pieces.

This particular dress is from the "Les Parasols de Marseille" collection, a literal interpretation of Jacquemus's beach umbrella inspiration.  Full disclosure: I originally thought this piece was a little clownish and wanted a more wearable dress from this collection, but the more I looked at the "Parasols" pieces, the more I realized that this was MY look.  Is it impractical? Yes.  Is it literally a circle? Yes. And did I have the most fun ever wearing it? Big fucking YES!  It's impossible not to smile when wearing a Jacquemus piece.

I originally planned on shooting this dress in Marseille because duh, but I couldn't really reconcile giving up a full day in Paris to shoot one outfit post.  Solution?  The Paris Plages!

Mark and I discovered the Plages, a 4-foot wide, mile-long stretch of artificial beach set up along the Seine directly across from Notre Dame, during our three-hour walking tour of the city.  Y'all, NEVER do a walking tour directly after like 20 hours of travel... we were tripping and incoherent and dehydrated and saying words that weren't really words by the end of it.  We both kind of saw the Plages at the same time, mumbled something to one another about Jacquemus, went to our hotel and slept forever, and decided to come back the next day after our Louvre visit to enjoy the faux beach. 

Then we went out and bought some more Jacquemus! 

STYLING Mark + Mary

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