Sunday, February 15, 2015

rodarte and rothko

RODARTE Fall/Winter 2008 Knit Shell top

I guess this was my Valentine's Day present.  I just got it out of my mailbox one day last week and Mark was like "Oh yeah, I bought that for you."  I am making my life sound entirely too glamorous, but this shit just kind of happens.  

Mark Rothko, "Light Cloud, Dark Cloud" (1957)


RODARTE Knit Shell top, URBAN OUTFITTERS slip dress

Anselm Kiefer, "Book with Wings" (1992-94)

Also, my cat is OBSESSED with it and like makes running leaps towards me anytime I'm wearing it, which actually makes me hate him just a bit.  This is, like, the most delicate thing ever.  Stop fucking with it, Paul!

Martin Puryear, "Ladder for Booker T. Washington" (1996)

Figuring out an appropriate way to wear it became a bit of a challenge.  I can't say that I'm typically a "sweater vest" kind of girl, but I think it works over this little slip dress I found at Urban Outfitters (which was way too expensive for the piece of crap it is... but I guess that's Urban Outfitters's "thing").

All of these pictures were taken on Valentine's Day.  I was lucky enough to have a VDay weekend with Mark.  We ate dinner at AF+B on Friday, did the Fort Worth Modern on Saturday with an ice cream lunch at Melt, and continued our Netflix marathon through Friends on Sunday.  I'm not really one to obsess about Valentine's, but I do really appreciate my boo :) .  And my sweater!

Richard Serra, "Vortex" (2002)

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