Monday, December 29, 2014

who's this guy?

FOREVER 21 sweater, ISABEL MARANT POUR H&M waxed biker jeans, ISABEL MARANT Dicker boots

So my grandma pointed out that I looked exactly like a BOY in all of these pictures.  Seriously, I was showing her all of my Marfa pics and she asked "Who's this guy??" when I got to these.  I don't have to say much else.


This is like my favorite outfit I've ever worn for that reason. It's basically three degrees of Isabel Marant:  the main line, the H&M collaboration, and the obvious knock-off (Forever 21 LOL).  Pairs really nicely with my flat chest and lazy bitch hairstyle.

These were taken at two Marfa hotels - El Cosmico and Thunderbird, both of which were cool and all, but I needed the big room, indoor shower, and TV (what ~LUXURIES~) that Hotel Paisano provided.

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