Saturday, December 13, 2014

road to nowhere

I don't mean to ruin the "fantasy," but I curled my hair at a truck stop like an hour outside Marfa.  Also, I changed into this outfit IN MARK'S CAR directly across from Prada Marfa.  Naturally, like 5 people showed up immediately after I took my bra off.  
So, yeah.



I found this suede skirt at one of my new favorite places, ReVint, a vintage boutique in Fort Worth.  Total hidden gem - it's well curated and owners make it a really fun place to shop.  They've got a really good mix of designer stuff (Chanel, YSL, 3.1 Phillip Lim) and super kitschy, TRULY vintage items (think pink velvet blazers and lots of fur).  As my style has kind of evolved into exactly that, I find myself there way too often.  

The skirt itself is heavy as shit - like 10 pounds of perfect suede with a silk lining.  It's completely and impractically fabulous and I continue to wear it despite not being able to breath in it.  Seriously... it's tight.  Not like, "bitch, stop eating donuts" tight, but "you need to get your ribs removed" tight.  So excuse my pained expression in a lot of these pictures.  I was holding my breath.

The top is some basic white girl shit I got at Brandy Melville, and the gold antler necklace is courtesy of ADEAM.  Thanks, Hanako!

This was the part of the trip where I realized how beautiful this stretch of Texas actually is.  Seriously, giant ass tumbleweeds rolling by, enormous blue sky, it's just DREAMY...  I have never experienced anything like it.  Based on my complexion you can tell I'm more of a city girl, but there's just something about how open and calm and peaceful it was out here... it was the exact vibe I hoped to get from the trip.

SPOILER ALERT:  I literally ditched this skirt as soon this picture was taken, changed into the biggest dress I owned and proceeded to stuff my face with Marfalafel.  Stay tuned, bitches!

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