Thursday, August 14, 2014

4 'Grams

Peach Crisp at Melt Ice Creams. H&M denim coat, H&M dress, REBECCA MINKOFF bag, CATBIRD NYC rings

SO, Texas... I got my driver's license in the mail today and it's official: I'm a Texan.  And you know what?  Aside from the heat, Texas is the best.

Seriously, I've come to the not too surprising conclusion that Mark and I are city folk.  Back in Jackson, we had a weekend routine: wake up, do bagels, hit up Anthropologie.  Repeat.  Here, though, you can't spit without finding something cultural, stimulating, or fashion related to do, so between work, doctoral programs, and weekend fun, we're constantly on the move... and so far I'm having a blast!

I have the absolute best job.  I work for the most amazing people (my boss is probably one of the nicest women I have ever met), my job itself is really fun, and I actually get to wear cute clothing to work :) !  The shopping here is also ridiculously good. Like, I had an idea that I would like living in a bigger city, but DFW has certainly surpassed my expectations!

 I've been trying to chronicle all the new shit I do on my Instagram, so I'll try to give some context to my favorite 'grams in this post.

So there's this ice cream place... MELT.  It's local, farm-to-cone ingredients, the menu's pretty creative, and everything's super fresh.  They make the ice cream in house every morning and they have a fairly select menu that rotates each month.  It is SO good.  Seriously... I was double fisting double-scoops.

I've had like every flavor (my favorite is the Blackberry pie, but you can't go wrong with anything you order) and the place is so damn cute.  They're already generating national buzz and believe me, it's completely merited :)

ISABEL MARANT Dicker boots 

Okay, so I've already expressed my total infatuation with Neiman Marcus.  As you can see, I'm having some great success there (lol).  Good shit's happening with my closet.  And so yeah, DICKER BOOTS.  I've wanted these bbs since like idk... forever?  But I'm usually kind of capricious with my purchases and walk out of stores with whatever catches my eye rather than saving up for more major or substantial items (Louboutins withstanding).  In my mind, these boots were kind of the intangible, holy grail, perfect but supremely unattainable items that would just complete any outfit, but it seemed a lot more pragmatic to buy like 15 things from a Target designer collaboration rather than dropping it all on one pair of boots.  Welcome to fashion, I guess?!  

I actually surprised myself with my color choice, as my heart was initially set on the bronze leather beauties I'd coveted for years.  But when I got there I couldn't take my eyes off these charcoal Dickers.  With the saleslady's not-so-subtle encouragement (bitch was EGGING ME ON), I decided I had to have these.  I was in and out of the store in like 15 minutes!  But yeah, I love these.  They're my children.  Solid investment.

Richard Phillips solo exhibition at Dallas Contemporary.  FREE PEOPLE top, ISABEL MARANT POUR H&M pants

Mark always tried to drag me to the Mississippi Museum of Art.  Sometimes I'd cave, but only if he begged or like bribed me with drinks or something, but I remained unimpressed.  So the second we moved, Mark seized the opportunity to take me to like 4 different art museums in the DFW area.  To my surprise, they've all been phenomenal! 

My favorite so far was the Richard Phillips retrospective at Dallas Contemporary.  Amazing show... my favorite piece was either this kind of haunting portrait of Lindsay Lohan or homegirl behind me squirting milk everywhere!  But Phillips's show was gorgeous, amusing, fantastic.  Loved it.  Also, I'm really excited about the Mario Testino show coming in September!

Nosebleed section at the On the Run tour.  FREE PEOPLE top, J.CREW jewelry, MISSISSIPPI STATE FAIR snapback

 So... I do have one complaint about Texas (albeit a minor one).  It took me a while to find a radio station that played more than like the same three "adult pop" songs.  I'm not really a OneRepublic girl.  However, while making a Taco Bueno run and bitching about the "I'm gonna marry her anyway" song that kept playing, the DJ just randomly decided to give away some Beyonce/Jay-Z tickets.  Guess who won???  Seriously, I never win anything, but I just took it as some sort of karmic repayment for having to endure adult casual for a couple of weeks.

Queen Bey didn't disappoint!  And for someone who doesn't necessarily love Jay-Z, I was bopping as hard as any other whitegirl.  My outfit was definitely giving some "XO" music video vibes, and even though I was in the nosebleeds (I took a picture with the Binocular Rentals guy), Mark and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary jamming to "99 Problems" and had the best time.  Also gave me a perfectly good excuse to be hostile during "Single Ladies."

We're already looking forward to our next adventures in the Lone Star State :)