Monday, June 9, 2014

Freret & Napoleon

Okay so when I heard about a fellow Millsaps College alum, Tiffany Langlinais, who had recently broken into the fashion world with her unique take on clothing and accessories inspired by New Orleans (!!!) and the southern coast, you could say I was intrigued.  You could ALSO say I was in stalker mode, looking all over Instagram and Facebook to see what her line, Freret & Napoleon, was all about.  

The more I creeped around, the more I knew I wanted to get my hands on something from her debut collection.  She had sweet jewel toned skirts and tops with crystal beading and fringe everywhere. Totally chill pieces with a touch of glamour and poise. Basically, statement pieces every fierce bitch worth my time of day should have in her closet.

FRERET & NAPOLEON "Signature" necklace, ANTHROPOLOGIE dress

To top it off, though, she styled her line with jewelry and hair accessories made from oyster shells (it's here you can truly see her coastal influences) that have been beaded, hand-painted, and lacquered with gold. It's a glorious combo and right up my alley.  These pieces are featured prominently on her website--and from the looks of her Instagram, they’ve become a cult favorite.  

So when I was trying to decide which Freret & Napoleon piece I wanted from the debut collection, I was faced with a dilemma.  Which item most expressed my personal style but would ALSO elicit tons of jealousy from my Instagram followers?  I just said fuck it, better be safe and pick my TWO favorite pieces: the Lameuse headband and the Signature necklace!  Needless to say, these pieces do both!

FRERET & NAPOLEON "Lameuse" headband, FOR LOVE & LEMONS bra, ANTHROPOLOGIE earrings

Also, fun fact: I recently got my ears pierced (at 25!!!) at Claire's.  The girl who pierced them found this very confusing and upsetting for some reason.  She was also wearing a yellow prom gown (I found THIS very confusing and upsetting).  My dad actually took me to get them pierced when I was six, but I decided the starter earrings made me look like way too much of a lesbian so away they went.  Now that my wardrobe does that, now seemed like as good a time as any to get them done again.

FRERET & NAPOLEON "Lameuse" headband, LIBBY STORY slip, FREE PEOPLE bra, ANTHROPOLOGIE sequined skirt

FRERET & NAPOLEON "Signature" necklace, AMERICAN PEREZ dress

The dress I’m wearing in these pictures is by American Perez, a Barcelona based brand whose clothing I collect.  This is the third piece from their “Sunday Morning” collection that I’ve found.  For whatever reason, the Libby Story boutique in Ridgeland seems to acquire their pieces and insists on marking them “vintage” and selling them for like five times less than what they’re worth (LOL).  Mark and I really like to support independent designers, and trust me when I say I’ll be the FIRST to order Freret &Napoleon clothing when it arrives online!

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