Monday, May 26, 2014

Top Ten Collections: Fall/Winter 2014

 This weekend Mark and I picked our ten favorite collections for the Fall/Winter 2014 season.  We actually have pretty similar taste, which made it a surprisingly easy task. Since it's highly unlikely I will actually own head to toe looks from more than like one of these labels, I put Mark to work illustrating me in my dream fall wardrobe!

Also, notice the roots Mark gave me in these sketches.  Thanks for the hint.

Here's our list, in no particular order: 


Individual illustrations below!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Instagram Trio: Céline

CELINE Spring/Summer 2012 Leather Dress
 So I intended to go to Dallas and interview for grad school... and I came back with this trashbag.  Which was fitting since it rained the entire trip.  In fact, my interview began with hail shattering my hotel window and ended with me driving 8 hours home in a torrential downpour to check on my boss's cat (yeah...).  It's Celine, obviously, and totally worth it!  Hopefully it's the first of many, because I'm IN, bitches!!!

CELINE leather dress

And because I was in the treat yo'self mood, I couldn't pass up this shirt I'd wanted for like years.  It's my Kanye at Coachella look.
CELINE scarf print silk shirt, CELINE skirt