Sunday, April 20, 2014

Planning for Lana


 I'm going to see Lana Del Rey in New Orleans this Friday!  Mark and I have been waiting on her U.S. tour forever and wanted a reason to celebrate our upcoming move to Dallas, TX!  Full disclosure: I really like to plan what I'm wearing to events like this in advance. It's also crucial I not look like a jackass/basic white girl (think flower crown, fanny pack, headdress, face paint, etc.), but I still wanna wear something HOT.

I narrowed it down to the three options below: One is slightly grungy/casual - I've worn it shopping a couple times and usually confuse people in it.  Another is pretty sleek but has a jacket that definitely screams "Lana Del Rey."  The last was a recent find and reminds me a lot of Kate Moss's Glastonbury attire (minus the Wellies).  It's Anna Sui, and I basically robbed the store (dumb bitches!!!) and got it for $40 - check it out on Jessica Stam!

Check out all 3 looks below!

Option 1 - Grunge
Kimchi Blue Georgina Daisy Print Maxi Dress, Urban Outfitters
Vegan Leather Hooded Motorcycle Jacket, Free People
Women's Plaid Flannel Shirt, J.Crew
Mars Classic Boots, Rachel Comey

Option 2 - My Varsity Jacket
Heart Varsity Jacket, American Perez 
Black Tee, J.Crew
Blank NYC Dynamite High Rise Skinny Jeans, Free People
Mars Classic Boots, Rachel Comey

Option 3 - The Glastonbury Dress
Anna Sui Maddalena Dress
Minnetonka Buffalo Nickel Leather Hat, Free People
Mars Classic Boots, Rachel Comey

I've made up my mind... but I'm open to your suggestions :)

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