Friday, October 18, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M Wishlist

Gimme those pants!

My picks from the collection below...

Isabel Marant for H&M is launching in less than a month (!!!) and I'm plotting out the items that I need in my wardrobe.  Everything's pretty expensive, so I'm trying to be a little more discerning and spend wisely.

Along with the red pants (ahem, "trousers") above, here's what I'm planning on buying:

1. The Sequinned Trousers

1. Isabel Marant for H&M sequinned trousers
These pants are amazing.  They are also $299.  The streetstyle image below is making me feel like they're a worthwhile investment...
Jessica Hart in Isabel Marant Folco sequin leggings

2. The Boots
2. Isabel Marant for H&M Boots
In terms of Etoile Isabel Marant, I'm more of a Dicker girl, but the H&M boot, a hybrid of the Bardu and Dana boots in suede and leather (pleather? vegan leather?), works for me.  They're $299 as well, and though I'm more inclined to just put that towards a pair of Dickers, Mark said he's gonna get me these for my birthday.  If he insists...

3. The T-shirt
3. Isabel Marant for H&M T-shirt
Okay, yeah, it's a white shirt but it's cute and worn-looking and pairs well with the pants I want.  And it's like $30-40, so whatever!

4. The Jacket 
4. Isabel Marant for H&M Jacket

At $400, this jacket is the most expensive piece in the collection, but it's so ostensibly Isabel Marant-ish and probably cuter than the Spring 2012 jacket on which it's based.  I WANT IT!

I hope I can get these pieces (and maybe a few others) in November!

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