Sunday, October 6, 2013

American Perez

American Perez, the perfect wardrobe for slumming it in downtown Jackson.

American Perez Country Club Dress, Miu Miu Studded Peep-toe booties
Seriously, I'm in a crack den... in Miu Miu.

I found this dress at the Libby Story boutique in Ridgeland in the "vintage" section.  It was part of the Audrey Grace stock that Libby Story recently acquired.  As someone drawn to the Audrey Grace aesthetic, it immediately jumped out at me.  Upon trying it on, I noticed the American Perez logo and realized what a bargain the dress (priced at $150) actually was.

American Perez is a Spanish label founded by Natalia Perez and Jorge Bolado Moo.  Their clothing is kitschy but feminine, which I find super appealing.  This particular dress is from their Sunday Morning collection filled with romantic, hand painted dresses and other decidedly saccharine, lace-embellished offerings.  LOVE IT ALL!

American Perez "Country Club" Dress, Sunday Morning collection / image c/o American Perez

For more about American Perez, or to shop their latest collections, visit their website here. You can also purchase select stock online at Audrey Grace.

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